Sunday, 17 November 2019

Pretty Pink

Hello All
I hope you are well... it is turning colder here in Gibraltar....
I made this card a while ago and forgot to post it...
take a look at my card below....

Card Recipe
Pretty Pink Die
Message Die CC....
Clarity Background Paper,,,,,
A simple card ..but looks Fabulous...
Hugs Sylvie xx



That’s a really pretty die cut frame Sylvie looks fabulous in black on your wet here we think it’s time for an ark......xxxx

Stamps and Paper

Lovely card Sylvie the black and pink together are very eye catching



A beautiful card Sylvie, a fabulous die and pretty papers - the black and pink look great together.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob


Love the detail. I didn't realise you had winter the same time as us. Hope your doing ok x

Zoe Tant

Pretty Card Sylvie. I love the background. Zoe x

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G Peplow

Gorgeous background and a beautiful die, love this card Sylvie! Thank you for visiting me I don’t deserve it as I am such a bad blogger 😔 Cheers! Xxx

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