Monday 14 June 2010

Award time What me!!!!!
I Have an Award from the lovely Chrissie...Thanks to Chrissie...her Blog and Cards are Amazing you must take a peep at.. Thanks Again Chrissie for all your inspiration
So lets get down to business
I have to tell you 6 fibs and 1 truth about me. I wonder if you can guess which it is ?

1. My favourite colour is Red
2.I have never been Drunk
3.Favourite food is Thai
4.I have Tap Danced on Stage
5.1 have helped the Pilot land an Aircraft on the way to Tenerife
6.I have never had my Hair Coloured
7.I have been bitten by an Ape


Lil Daffodil

Hi there,
Congratulations on your award. The facts you list are very interesting.
Fiona x


I reckon that the truth is number 7. A great huge granddad of an ape jumped on my back once when we were visiting the 'rock', so as you live in Gib, I reckon it has to be that!
You are most welcome to the award Sylvie!


Hi Sylvie
I think you have tap danced on stage, it just shouted out at me don't know why.
hope you are ok love chris xx